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What is the difference between a nursing home and a personal care home?

The difference is in the ownership and the level of care available in the home. Publicly operated nursing homes provide on site professional health and nursing services; personal care homes are privately owned and operated facilities and provide assistance with personal care and activities of daily living and avail of visiting health professional from the regional health authority.

Personal Care Homes are privately owned and operated residential homes for seniors and older adults who need assistance with daily living. Individuals who are admitted to personal care homes do not require on site health or nursing services but may require the service of a visiting professional. These homes are licensed by the regional health authorities.

Personal Care Homes (PCH) are licensed to provide care to senior citizens and other adults who need assistance with activities of daily living. Individuals admitted to personal care homes do not require on-site health or nursing services but may require the services of a visiting professional.

How much does it cost to live at Blow Me Down Retirement Centre?

If you are a private paying resident the cost may vary depending upon the home in which you wish to reside. Prior to moving into a home you may request a financial assessment to determine if you are able to receive a subsidy as established by the province.

What are the steps I take to move into a personal care home?

  • contact your local Western Health Office to have an assessment completed by a Community Health Nurse or Social Worker
  • have a medical completed by a physician.
  • have a financial assessment completed if you wish to live in a subsidized home and will require financial assistance.

What about if I have dietary restrictions?

Our accommodating staff will adhere to your needs and tailor the menu to suit your requirements.

Do I have to change doctors or pharmacies?

You do not need to change doctors, but depending on what pharmacy handles your medications, you may need to switch to the pharmacy that the home deals with. Our staff will assist you.

Can family members and friends visit?

Family and friends are encouraged to visit. Everyone is encouraged to attend our in home functions, ie. special occasion parties, bingo games, card games,  etc.

Can I smoke at Blow Me down Retirement Centre?

We are  a non-smoking facility and smoking is only allowed outside in the designated smoking area.