Blow Me Down Retirement Centre is a 16 bed home overlooking the ocean in Lark Harbour, at the foothills of the Blow Me Down Mountains. The rural area of Lark Harbour is a popular tourist destination with its abundance of breathtaking scenery, hiking trails, whale watching, fishing, day parks and more. The cozy fishing village is located on the western coast of Newfoundland, on the south side of the Bay of Islands, and west of the City of Corner Brook. Combined with neighbouring York Harbour, there is a population of about 1,100.

The owner/operator Michelle Bennett holds a Bachelor of Nursing and worked in the hospital setting for a number of years, but took time off when her children were born. She and her husband Robert jumped at the opportunity to buy the retirement home when it went on the market. They currently own the residence directly next door. They have spent a lot of time and renovations bringing the home up to par, with new paint, flooring and updated décor. With the small home size, the Bennetts are able to offer a homey atmosphere and individualized attention and care.