Written by Blow Me Down Retirement Centre

Meet Michelle – The new owner

Meet Michelle Bennett – The new owner of Blow Me Down Retirement Centre

An Interview with Michelle…

1. What made you decide to buy this personal care home ?

    I have an interest in health care since I have a Bachelor of Nursing. After having my children I decided not to return to work at the hospital. So this retirement home allows me to stay in the health care industry and service the senior population in Western Newfoundland. Also, my husband and I have a summer home located next door to the home and we could see the potential with the property. The retirement home is located in scenic Lark Harbour. We spend our summers there and we love it. The view of the ocean is magnificent and has the prettiest sunrises. The area I believe has some of the best hiking trails in Western Newfoundland. If you are an active person, this is the place to be.

  1. How involved are you with the daily running of the home:

 I oversee all aspects of the home right from the care plans of the residents to the menus.  I think of the residents as part of our extended family. We know everything that is going on with them and are very attentive to their needs. Since we live next door to the home we are there a lot and participate in most of the activities that take place at the retirement home. My three young children are also frequent visitors to the home. The seniors really love to see our kids visit and enjoy interacting with them.


  1. What makes your seniors home unique compared to the other homes in the area?

 Our home size is relatively small which means residents get personalized care and attention. The living areas are very homey and most of our rooms are single occupancy, which is great. Lark Harbour is a small rural fishing village and is a popular tourist destination and our seniors home has a breathtaking view of the ocean. We are literally located right near the ocean. Many times throughout the summer, it is no surprise to see our residents down on the beach enjoying a bonfire. I believe it is very important for seniors to stay active. Our monthly activity calendar is an essential part of our care plan for our residents.